Moonfelt Malas are oversized felted wool prayer beads made especially for an immersive meditation experience. Their addictive textural qualities make them the ideal companion for mantra work.

These malas evoke the orbital energy of planetary moons; each one is named after a moon that exists in our solar system. A mala is a devotional object to keep close in your daily practice, just as a moon is a constant companion to its planet.

Each Moonfelt Mala is made with positive energy and good intentions, hand-strung in the United States. They are made completely of natural fibers: fair trade felt beads, cotton string, and cotton tassels. Packaging is plastic-free, and each mala comes with an organic cotton bag for storage.

Moonfelt Malas are the original felted wool mala. Their ergonomic 2cm felt beads are like tactile candy for your hands as you do your daily practice.


Care Instructions

If the beads get dirty, you can gently spot-clean with a dry or damp rag. Not recommended to immerse your mala in water.

Felted wool may become slightly "fuzzy" over time as the fibers encounter friction and moisture. This is a natural process and will add to your mala's individuality, but there are several ways to fix it if you want to:

1. Gently create friction by rubbing the fibers until they adhere back into the wool ball

2. Trim away the loose fibers using sharp scissors

3. Use a needle-felting tool to poke the fibers back into place

It is also completely natural for the beads to begin to create space between them as you use your mala. Felted wool is a soft, semi-malleable material and the beads may bunch in a way that allows a space of string between the beads. Moonfelt Malas are not knotted in between beads, as many people enjoy this space for sliding the beads.



Photos by Hailey King Photography

Modeled by Katherine Monroe

Styled by Alison Comfort Bay